It's not too far into a New Year, which means that most peoples heads, email inboxes and instagram feeds are likely full of content - ranging from uplifting to pressurising - about fresh starts and free spirits. Letting go of stuff that was holding you back and people that were keeping you down, whether last… Continue reading forgiving/forgetting.


graduating (!)

Yup, that's right, this time last week I finally - and somehow still suddenly - graduated from my undergraduate degree! I now have a BA Hons degree in English from the University of Cambridge!! Finishing my final exams, celebrating with all my friends and graduating has felt like the culmination of such an enormous amount… Continue reading graduating (!)


content notes: depression, worrying, feeling scared, implied weight gain and body image mentions, clothes, food, academic work ..... ..... ..... I wrote this while feeling in a bit of a funk the other day, after spending a whole day with a lovely friend! We talked through lots of feelings about getting stuck and upset but… Continue reading allowing.



content notes: university, dissertations, exams, revision, stress and panic about exams, work stress, mental health, clinical depression, food, exercise, difficulties with sleep. ... ... ... Hello! I've been very busy since my last post on the blog, when I spoke about how I make my space my own when I get back to university. Since… Continue reading celebrating/settling.



I got back to university yesterday, and I am all unpacked. I find the process of packing up to leave quite stressful, and the journey with all my accumulated life-stuff even more so, but unpacking again, unfurling all my books and clothes and trinkets into my room, my space that has been cleared out, is… Continue reading nesting.



I think about waking up happy. Perfectly wrapped up but a little too warm, if I’m honest. Rubbing my cheek into my pillow, my blanket, my partner, whatever, whoever might be there, as I slide one leg out from under the cover into the cool of the mid-morning room. Touching a hand to my own… Continue reading grounding.


winter of discontent done. spring of occasional blogging commence.

A brief welcome to my brand spanking new blog.