‘an activist anthology’ is my attempt to create a space where I can productively explore my interactions with the various intersections of my fat, queer, fem, mentally ill (and need I note FABULOUS) identity.

It is decidedly ‘an’ anthology, making no claims to be definitive, or all-encompassing, not ‘the’ collection of even my own political thoughts, let alone anyone else’s. And as an anthology, a miscellany, it will bring together articles, reviews, prose creative writing, doodles, photographs, and all other manner of media. I’ll be talking about the issues I’m most invested in, including but not limited to intersectional feminism, queer advocacy, mental health awareness, consent, access to the arts and education, and fat positivity & the body-positive movement.

In amongst all this I will be blogging about what makes me feel happy and healthy – all my politics has a big focus on compassion and care, for ourselves and for others – and so there will be lots of features on self-care. So amongst the ranting and bemoaning the state of much of the world, I’ll be celebrating badass activists and wonderful humans, as well as glorying in the joys of books, film, music and tv, cool and interesting exhibitions, ‘outfit of the day’ style positive posts, recipes, pet love, photos, stationery and inevitably general chat about my life.

It’s basically a cross between a political manifesto and a stylish online journal. Let’s see where it goes!

Thank you for visiting the blog!