graduating (!)

Yup, that’s right, this time last week I finally – and somehow still suddenly – graduated from my undergraduate degree! I now have a BA Hons degree in English from the University of Cambridge!!
Finishing my final exams, celebrating with all my friends and graduating has felt like the culmination of such an enormous amount of effort, anxiety and emotion, just as overwhelming with positive feeling as with worry and more negative, creeping feelings. I almost can’t believe I’ve had so many beautiful experiences in just three years, almost can’t believe it’s only been three years, a time in which I’ve met people that I now feel like I’ve known all my life, and it is incredible to think of all the obstacles I have faced and how many of those I have overcome since starting at university three years ago. I am, in so many ways, such a different person now.

Graduating has been an incredibly intense experience for me, and the next period in my life is potentially brilliant and wonderfully exciting, but marked by a lot of uncertainty at the moment. I don’t have a lot more to say about the end of my degree right now, but I wanted to take a chance to set myself some goals for blogging over this summer break! So, in the next coming months, expect to see a lot more on the anthology, including a significant increase in its ‘activist’ content. I’ll be posting:

  • articles/thinkpieces on LGBTQ+ advocacy, including reviews of Pride events I’m attending and the position of Pride celebrations in the movement
  • discussions of body positivity, plus-sized clothing, diverse body advocacy and my recent ups and downs with dealing with a changing body in socially pressurising situations
  • mental health thoughts, particularly in an educational context
  • areas of interest I am exploring ready for my next steps
  • book reviews! I’m going to be reading a lot of gifted books and posting some little commentaries on them throughout summer
  • a lot more creative writing

Watch this space!



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